Dr. Illegal is a gripping and absorbing medic-family series that tackles the asylum seekers topic in Germany in a thoughtful and humorous way. In the forefront is Dr. Illegal’s wish to gain the German authorities permission to practice legally as a Doctor in Germany.‭ ‬This will enable him and his family to lead a normal life.

For‭ ‬the‭ ‬Afarids this means having the chance to work and being able to send their daughter to school.‭ ‬Furthermore‭ ‬they are in search of their personal happiness.

In the light of‭ ‬German asylum policy it all turns out more complicated than it first seemed and the question remains:‭ “‬Will the family be able hold together,‭ ‬endure and tackle the many obstacles and finally live a happy life in Germany‭?”

Again and again the patience and forbearance‭ ‬of each member of the family is taken to a point at which they are totally depleted.

Dr.‭ Illegal is aimed at sharpening our perception of asylum seekers‭ ‬in Germany and‭ ‬will depict in this‭ ‬entertaining and exciting series‭ ‬what it‭ ‬means to each of these individuals to live in our country.

We are fascinated by the Iranian culture and are looking forward to learning more about it through this series.

In doing this we want to immerse ourselves in each characters dreams,‭ ‬their culture and‭ ‬customs and would like to get an insight into their challenging lives.‭

Martin Rohé

Jan Galli